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Handbook of laboratory animal science: Key insights

244 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Animal science-related experiments are dependent on several laboratory conditions that are to be studied. This book offers basic knowledge of animal science labs and their maintenance. We attempted to portray some of the monitoring techniques that give an idea of animal science experiments. We also gave a detailed explanation of some of the principles that govern the lab that was built to perform experiments on animals. This book explains the basic concepts of anesthesia and its role in conducting experiments. We explained the containment procedures with special emphasis on transgenic animals. Some of the methods that make the transportation of animals secure are also given in this book.
Author Bio
Mukul Anand is an Assistant Professor specializing in Reproductive Physiology. He has been working at DUVASU, Mathura since July 2009, first as an Assistant Professor and currently as an Associate Professor. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, a Master's degree in Veterinary Sciences, and a Doctorate in Philosophy. He has been involved in various national assignments related to animal husbandry and dairying, including serving as a member of the National Advisory Committee for Sheep and Goat and an expert member for Bovine Sex Semen Sorting Technology. He has also participated in international conferences and worked as a visiting scientist at Shinshu University, Japan. He has published numerous research papers, with a focus on reproductive physiology and semen quality in various animal species. He has authored or co authored several books related to veterinary sciences, animal husbandry, and animal behavior. He has conducted training programs and workshops on topics such as goat farming and artificial insemination in goats. He has served as a reviewer for academic journals and has presented papers at national seminars and conferences. He has won several awards and served as course coordinator/director for training at various institutions.