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Advances in animal science and zoology

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Animal science refers to the biological science and management of livestock, including cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, and fowl etc. Zoology is the scientific research of the structure, physiology, classification, distribution and behavior of animals. Humans have found different uses for pets in disciplines such as sports, entertainment, manufacturing, companionship and scientific research. Coupled with food production uses, we discover that animals are actually central to all of our existence, whether we realize it or not. As agriculture and its livestock are vital to our livelihood, they have become a key aspect of our culture, our impact on the environment and the direct or indirect effects of our daily activities. A more sedentary lifestyle began with the domestication of animals. Livestock provide a secure source of food and clothing. A reliable food supply meant a rise in the population and more individuals made it possible to sub-divide labor within the community. Many scholars believe that without the domestication of animals, humans would never have been civilized. This volume introduces domesticated animals as those that are useful in the home and are easily raised and cared for by humans. Some common domesticated animals include, horses, cattle, dogs, sheep, buffaloes, and poultry.
Author Bio
Dr Shalini Vaswani obtained the degree of B.V.Sc & A.H. with Chancellor Gold Medal from NDUAT, Kumarganj. She did her postgraduation in discipline of Animal Nutrition and received B.N Gupta Memorial Award, for Academic Excellence from NDRI, Karnal in year 2007. Thereafter, she started her professional career as Veterinary officer in UP State Government, in 2007. After serving in field for three years, she perused her PhD from DUVASU, Mathura. Then, in January, 2014 she joined as Assistant Nutritionist in Department of Animal Nutrition, GADVASU, Ludhiana. Later, she joined as Assistant Professor, DUVASU, Mathura. She received scholarship from VLIR-UOS, by the Belgian federal government, for International Training Programme in Dairy Nutrition at Ghent University, Belgium in 2015. She had successfully established silage unit, feed analytical laboratory equipped with recent and advance instruments for analysis, Mineral mixture and fodder block unit and pellet feed plant at university under the RKVY funded projects as Principal Investigator. She had successfully handled projects of more than 8 crores funded by external agencies as Principal Investigator and Co- Principal Investigator. During her career of eight years as Assistant Professor, she had published 06 book, 40 international and national research articles, 2 lead papers, 3 review articles, and assisted 16 students as guide, co-guide and research committee member. Also, she had successfully conducted ICAR sponsored winter school as Course co-ordinator, Organizing Secretory and Course coordinator of more than 13 training programmes for Veterinary Officers, rural youth and farmers across the country. She is recipient of several awards and recognitions from International and national organizations.