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Handbook of research on strategic performance management and measurement

234 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book aims to explain the role of strategic management in diverse enterprises. The planning process is an essential part of conducting business and keeping it afloat from market failures and other factors. This book explains the role of business managers in making a decision based on the scenarios at present and forecasting risk. Modeling a business strategy in an appropriate direction is important, and this book explains the tools needed for performance management. Along with the strategic performance, we tried to give a detailed account of risk management in enterprises. This book serves as a guide to all business management students.
Author Bio
Srishti Chaubey is a highly accomplished author whose educational journey has been marked by dedication and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. She completed her schooling at Pragati Public School in New Delhi, where her passion for learning began to flourish. This early foundation led her to pursue a B.Com degree at Banasthali University in Rajasthan, followed by an MBA with a specialization in Finance from the same institution. Srishti's academic expertise and commitment to her field of study eventually crowned in a Ph.D. from Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University in Lucknow. Her doctoral research, focusing on "The effect of saving behavior and investment pattern on the orientation towards finance (ORTOFIN) for working women," highlights her dedication to exploring crucial financial dynamics and empowering women in the world of finance. Srishti Chaubey's academic achievements and research contributions make her an authority in the field, and her work continues to benefit and inspire others.