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Heat Transfer Principles

228 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This text covers the fundamental principles of heat transfer, including conduction, convection, and radiation. It provides readers with a thorough understanding of the mechanisms and processes involved in heat transfer, and how they apply to various engineering and industrial applications. The book also includes practical examples, problems, and solutions, making it an essential resource for students, researchers, and professionals in the field of heat transfer. Therefore, Heat Transfer Principles is a valuable reference for anyone interested in the science of heat transfer and its practical applications.
Author Bio
Artem Marie-Magdeleine is a Chartered Mechanical Ph.D. engineer with 8 years of experience in turbomachinery fluid mechanics, CFD, CAD, and technical software development. He's authored five utility patents and two scientific publications, making significant contributions to the industry. Beyond his technical expertise, Artem Marie-Magdeleine is a linguist, fluent in English, French, Russian, and German, allowing him to work with diverse teams and collaborate with professionals from different parts of the world. Driven, ambitious, and committed to achieving his goals, Artem Marie-Magdeleine inspires many aspiring engineers and professionals. He believes in the power of education and continues to explore new fields of study to expand his knowledge and expertise. In short, Artem Marie-Magdeleine is a highly accomplished mechanical engineer with a remarkable track record of accomplishments. His work is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and passion for engineering.