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General Psychology

265 pages
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Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. This book presents a comprehensive study of the fundamental principles, issues, and methodologies that form the basis of the field of psychology. It explores various areas of psychology, including human behavior, growth, and development, emotions, motivation, learning, perception, thinking, memory, intelligence, personality, psychological testing, and behavior. The book aims to provide readers with a broad understanding of the field of psychology, covering a wide range of topics from basic human behavior to complex mental processes. It serves as an introductory textbook for students of psychology, as well as a reference guide for professionals and researchers in the field.
Author Bio
Aparna Raghavan is a Counseling Psychologist with experience for about 9 years. She has done her M Phil from the University of Madras. She is an in house counselor at one of the top university in India. She has published multiple papers in many journals and have already published a number of books. She also has her experience and expertise in teaching children for more than 9 years.