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The Problem of soil contamination: Causes, effects, and solutions from environmental science

288 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Soils are natural resources that play a critical role in providing ecosystem services to sustain life. However, soils are susceptible to anthropogenic activities. These activities introduce contaminants of concern into the soil environment creating a source zone for environmental and human health impacts. This book provides a comprehensive treatise on the activities that cause soil contamination, the impacts of contaminated soils, and the status quo on policies, remedial actions, and technologies available to assess and manage these risks.
Author Bio
Vierah Hulley (PhD) is an international expert in Environmental and Earth Sciences, with an extensive vocational background in the areas of environmental policy development, environmental and social risk management, natural resources management, sustainability, and climate risks management. She is the Founder of HL Nexus: Sustainable Management Solutions; a company dedicated to harnessing the power of data science in managing sustainability and climate risks. Vierah holds a master’s degree in Geology and a PhD in Hydrogeology, with a focus on environmental and spatial science.