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Introduction to Molecular Science

310 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Chemistry is the science that describes everything that is sensed. This book covers all topics of General Chemistry, beginning with the basics of the atom, molecules, and its behaviour, then the chemical properties of matter, the chemical changes and reactions that take place. The energy changes that are involved in chemical reactions. Various aspects and clear applications of electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry and Environmental chemistry related topics are also covered in simple language so that students can understand easily. It gives a clear relationship between the raw materials and the products made from various materials like metals, ceramics, glass, polymers etc. Also, the book gives an idea to contemporary issues related to the interface between chemistry and other Sciences. This contents clearly explains the study of natural phenomena through experiments and observations wherein Chemistry, physics, and biology are involved together as molecular science. This book will give in depth information to the readers from the basics to more advanced areas in chemistry.
Author Bio
Dr. Ageetha is presently working as a Deputy Registrar at Team Lease Skills University, Vadodara. She Did her M.Sc & M.Phil in Chemistry from Pondicherry University. She completed her PhD in Analytical Chemistry from M.S.University, Vadodara. Her research interest is on Nanomaterials, catalysis and Environmental chemistry. To add to her credits, she has published 14 articles in various International Journals. She has 12 years of teaching experience. Also she serves as a consultant to various industries.