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Introduction to Kinesiology

246 pages
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For survival of living species movement is necessary. However, mobility might be hampered for a variety of reasons, including injury or discomfort. Normal movement is the consequence of a complex interplay between the neurological, muscular, and skeletal systems, as well as other systems such as the respiratory, cardiovascular, integumentary, and immunological systems. Kinesiology is the basic science for understanding the movement system. It is the scientific study of movement of the human body or its components. A solid basis in kinesiology is required for the restoration of normal movement, the decrease of movement dysfunction, and the optimization of movement. This book (Introduction to Kinesiology) is divided into eight chapters. First chapter introduces the readers with fundamentals of Kinesiology. Chapter 2 explain the Kinesiology of shoulder complex. Chapter 3 thoroughly discusses the Kinesiology of Elbow units. Chapter 4 introduces the readers with the Kinesiology of Hand. Chapter 5 focusses on Kinesiology of Gait. Chapter 6 illustrates the phenomena of Kinesiology in neck and trunk. Chapter 7 describes the Kinesiology in Hip Joints modern applications of proteomics in various fields. Finally, chapter 8 focuses on the Kinesiology of Ankle Joint and Foot recent. The book gives a good understanding of the many aspects of Kinesiology. The work succeeds in delivering material in a way that familiarizes the unfamiliar reader with essential Kinesiology ideas and methods. Students in medical and other interdisciplinary disciplines will benefit from an introduction to kinesiology. This literature can be used not only by a physician or a health worker but also used by a layman who wants to go for helping hands to others.
Author Bio
Dr. Ravi Pandya has completed his graduation in 2018 from Gujarat Ayurved University Jamnagar in 2014 & Post Graduation from Parul University in 2018. He has academic experience of 2.9 years and current working in Parul Institute of Ayurved, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat, as deputy medical superintendent and assistant professor in Department of Kriyasharir.