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Environmental Science for Beginners

274 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The study of environmental science serves as a valuable resource for learning more about changes around the world and how they affect us. As population numbers continue to increase so has the pressure on existing natural resources. While renewable resources can be replenished, they are being used far too rapidly and cannot be replenished at a rate fast enough to meet usage. On the other hand, non-renewable resources cannot be replenished at all. By studying the changes happening to the environment and how it is affected, we may be able to possibly develop solutions that prevent the complete depletion of these resources while aiding in the development of sustainable solutions. This volume serves as an introduction to the field of Environmental Science. An overview on historical aspects and influential environmentalists are provided. This is followed by exploring the components of the environment, causes of environmental disasters and geomorphological processes. Basic concepts of ecosystems, ecology, ecological succession, ecosystem services and biodiversity are also covered.
Author Bio
Shalinee Naidoo is currently the Regulatory and Product Development Manager of a medical device manufacturer based in South Africa. She is directly involved in global regulatory compliance and the design and development of new medical devices from idea conception to market. She is also the founder of Life of Shal (www.lifeofshal.com) an online travel journal created to inspire others to explore the world and Scientist’s Sanctuary (www.scientistssanctuary.com) – a science communication company that specializes in bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and creative communication for both the academic and corporate world.