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Basics of Plant Sciences

293 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Plants are fundamental to all life on Earth. They provide us with food, fuel, fiber, industrial feedstocks, and medicines. Plant science is essential to maintaining the world around us. The topics covered are inclusive but not limited to plant breeding, mode of reproduction in crop plants, plant variation, genetic consequences of self and cross-pollinated crops, male sterility, polyploidy and mutation breeding. The aim of this book is to give a sequential knowledge of plant pathology, plant breeding, plant biochemistry, environmental science and agro-ecology, vegetable production and biostatistics and computers in this book.
Author Bio
Dr. Khushboo Chaudhary is presently working as a Research Associate in NRCE, Hisar Haryana, India and has one year of teaching experience and seven years of research experience. Previously, she worked on “Improvement of Phytoremediation efficiency of Fluoride”. She has published several research papers in international and national journals. She has published five international textbooks. She has got the seven best paper and poster presentation awards from the Indian Society of Genetics and Biotechnology Research and Development and received the president appreciation awards also in the International conference. She has got the best poster award from ISSGPU Central Institute Research on Goats, Makhdoom. She has published several gene banks in NCBI Pubmed. She has also published a research article in the virology journal. She is likely to be a co-author in several of the publications and coauthor in J. Virological Methods.