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Sustainable Finance and Investments

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Sustainability is a concept that has taken hold recently, whether the topic is home building or economics. Sustainable finance has a key role to play in the world's transition to net zero by channeling private money into carbon-neutral projects. The main aim of this book is to provide simple, effective, understandable, and applicable mechanisms for all readers. To enable and empower them to implement management systems that are adapted to the reality and expectations of their business. In this book, you will find all of those mechanisms and resources needed to ensure that sustainability is well embedded into a company through Human Resources Practices, Marketing, and Communication, Procurement, and CEO Leadership.
Author Bio
Born in the Canary Islands, Elisa Gomez has always been aware of the immense potential and limitations that resources provide to communities. Following her passion towards the environment and sustainable development mechanism, she completed the Madrid Environmental Sciences degree and later completed a Master’s degree in International Sustainable Development and Corporate Sustainability.She has worked for a wide range of industries and sectors as a sustainability consultant and analyst implementing international standards, achieving certifications, and ensuring the management processes were effective. The sectors englobe oil and gas, construction, telecommunications, and software design.Moved by a great passion towards her work, she decided to quit the corporate environment and set up her own company, Better Together (www.bettertogether-sustainability.com) an online sustainability company that specializes in simple, effective, and understandable sustainability practices for all types of companies. They focus especially on Startups and SMEs, as these are growing; ensuring that they are sustainable right from the start without the burden of complicated, time-consuming, and expensive measures.