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Introduction to Anatomy

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Anatomy is a branch of biology that is concerned with the identification and description of living organisms' internal structures. It comes from the Greek words ana and tomia, which mean up and cutting, respectively, and denotes cutting up or dissection when combined. The present book describes the historical aspects of anatomy, Anatomy of humans, Veterinary Anatomy and plants. This book also covered technological adoption in anatomy education. Use of virtual lab, three-Dimensional Digital Simulations, cloud technology, and Artificial intelligence in Anatomy education has also been covered. This book will be helpful for students, researchers and scholars to understand the complexity of anatomical structures of humans, animals and plants.
Author Bio
Dr Krunal Bhatt ( 1982 ) is presently working at Zydus hospital, Vadodara as a chief clinical intensivist and Anaesthesiologist for one year. He did his MBBS from Baroda Medical College. He has worked as a Medical Officer at various corporate hospitals in Vadodara (2006-2009). He joined Indian armed forces and posted to various locations during his tenure (2009-2018). He has served at Pune, Lucknow, Jodhpur, Jammu and Kashmir. He also has obtained Counter Insurgency ops medal and High Altitude serving medals for his serving tenure at line of control in Kashmir. He did his post-graduation in ANAESTHESIOLOGY from AFMC, Pune, India in 2018. He is life member of INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, INDIAN SOCIETY OF ANESTHESIOLOGY, INDIAN SOCIETY OF CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE, and EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF ANAESTHESIA.