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Scientific principles of engineering

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"The book ""Scientific Principles of Engineering"" provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject as well as various examples of engineering principles. When we talk about engineering principles, we refer to the ideas, norms, and concepts one must keep in mind to successfully solve an engineering challenge. On the other hand, not much publication is available on engineering principles. This is because the concepts that are applied to find a solution to an issue will frequently be different depending on the kind of difficulty that is faced.This book is ideal for first-year engineering students and their instructors since it allows for an accessible and comprehensive overview of the subject and detailed answers to challenging issues. This book provides an in-depth and credible analysis of the problem and its solutions. All branches of engineering may be traced back to the same core of scientific concepts. To address complex challenges, engineers from different fields may communicate with one another using these universal concepts. The engineering community's productivity would suffer significantly if its members didn't adhere to the same core values. This book covers the fundamental scientific concepts and many practical ideas that engineers apply when developing new tools and infrastructure. From the optimal layout of a circuit board to the most cost-effective construction methods, these guidelines offer advice on a wide range of topics based on years of expertise and testing. Engineers may make risk-free and efficient designs if they adhere to these guidelines.
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Lokesh Pandey is currently pursuing his PhD in Mechanical Engineeing from Uttarakhand Technical University, India, where he also completed his M.Tech in Thermal Engineeing. He has more than 3 years teaching experience as a Faculty for Mechanical Engineering. He has published articles in reputed Journals and has also chaired many conferences and workshops.