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Implementing Automated Software Testing

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The field of software testing has grown considerably since its origin in the early 1900s. The relevance of software will only increase in the future. Software will continue to increase in complexity as it is going to be used to solve the biggest problems faced by the world. Effective testing is thought of as a measure of efficiency and quality of software. Testing is a vital non-skippable step in the software development lifecycle. The implementation of different automated software systems will be presented in detail. Detailed practical implementations of automated software applications covering different types of testing scenarios have been provided in this book.
Author Bio
Neha Kaul is an experienced software consultant and technical author currently residing in Sydney, Australia. She is the author of five technical books: Object Oriented Programming with Java, Logging Frameworks in Java, Applications of Data Mining in Engineering, Management and Medicine, Software Security: Building Secure Software Applications and Analytic Methods of Systems and Software Testing. She received her double Master’s Degree in Computer and Communication Networks and Information Technology from Telecom SudParis and University Paris-Saclay in 2016. She is a recipient of the prestigious Telecom Scholarship for Excellence provided by Fondation Telecom, France. She received the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune, India in 2011. From 2011 to 2014, she was employed as a Software Engineer with Geometric Ltd, Pune, India. Her major avenues of research include Advanced Java/J2EE frameworks, Automation Testing, Software Quality, Software Security, Logging Frameworks, Project Management and Leadership.