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Renewable Hydropower Technologies

Vierah Hulley

263 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The production of electricity using the power of hydro and thermal energies presents a sustainable and renewable energy production technology. Hydropower is a mature technology, used in over 160 countries globally, where the kinetic energy of falling water is converted to electricity in hydropower plants. This book, divided into eight chapters, provides the reader with information on fundamental concepts and terminologies of the hydropower technologies. Each chapter can be read as stand-alone comprehensive content to gain knowledge on a particular area of relevance or interest. Readers are presented with a concise compilation of the best current knowledge on the types, mechanics and sustainability in the planning, management, and operations of hydropower technologies.
Author Bio
Vierah Hulley is an internationally experienced expert in Environmental and Earth Sciences and Management. She has an extensive vocational background in the areas of environmental policy development, environmental risk management, natural resources management, contaminated site remediation, sustainable development, and spatial analytics. She is the founder and Managing Director of HL Nexus: The Data Imaginarium; a company dedicated to optimizing natural resources management with data science. Vierah holds a master’s degree in Geology and a PhD in Geohydrology, with a focus on environmental and spatial science.