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Handbook of Education Systems in Africa

Oscar Alberto Ramirez

314 pages
Arcler Education Inc
It’s broadly acknowledged that a large part of Africa’s education systems suffers from low-quality teaching and infrastructure, in addition to inequalities and exclusion at different stages. Despite a sizable boom in the amount of youngsters with access to quality primary education, a vast number still remain away from school. This volume seeks to highlight the challenges to quality schooling in Africa and identifies feasible solutions to the issue. Unequal distribution of critical facilities, such as well-equipped schools, is identified as one the contributors of wide education inequalities. The topics covered include Chapter 1: History of Education in Africa; Chapter 2: African Countries with the Best Education System; Chapter 3: Challenges and Issues Facing the Education System in Africa; and Chapter 4: Major Progress in Access to Education in Africa, ; Chapter 5: Strengthening Education Systems in Africa; Chapter 6: Planning and Financing Sustainable Education Systems in Africa; Chapter 7: Girls’ Education in Africa; Chapter 8: Boys’ Education in Africa; Chapter 9: ICT in Education Initiatives in Africa; and Chapter 10: Education Reforms in Africa . Quality education enhances the distribution of competent workers, and governments can use this greater supply to develop an equitable where everyone, wealthy or poor, can have similar opportunities.
Author Bio
Oscar Alberto Ramirez Amado, holds a PhD in Education and a Diploma in Research. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez (Maracay-Venezuela), in the areas of Education, Mathematics, Statistics, Information and Communication Technologies, and Thesis Tutoring. He is also a Freelance and Expert in Research Methodology, Spanish-English and English-Spanish Translations, Proofreading in Spanish and English; and Content Writing under SEO strategies.