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Pollutants and Water Management: Resources, Strategies, and Scarcity

Bhupendra Pushkar

265 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Water differentiates planet earth from all the other planets in the solar system. At the same time, as the global supply of freshwater is beyond enough to meet all contemporary and foreseeable water needs, its spatial and temporal allocations are not. There are numerous areas in which freshwater resources remain inadequate to fulfill domestic, socioeconomic growth and environmental needs. In such areas, the lack of clean water to satisfy human consumption and sanitation needs is indeed a limitation on human health and productivity, and for this reason on economic growth as well as on the upkeep of a clean environment and holistic ecosystems. This book mentions that researchers must discover ways to take away these constraints. There are a couple of demanding situations in doing that, in particular given an unstable and unsure future climate, plus a rapidly developing population that is driving expanded socioeconomic improvement, globalization, and urbanization. How best to fulfill these needs requires research in various areas of water management. This book identifies the problems facing water managers today, and the research required to better inform individuals who attempt to develop a more sustainable and suitable future.
Author Bio
Dr. Bhupendra Pushkar was born in Mumbai, India. He persuaded his B.Sc. in Microbiology in 2000. He has obtained his M.Sc. degree in Biotechnology in 2002 from University of Mumbai. He pursued his further studies and completed his Doctorate degree in 2010. His area of research broadly includes environmental pollution remediation using biological science. He is currently working on heavy metal bioremediation, PAH bioremediation, plastic degradation, plant tissue culture etc. He is actively involved in the bioremediation research work and trying to develop system for river water cleaning. Since 2008 he is working as assistant professor at University of Mumbai, India. He has published various papers in national as well as international journals and currently guiding three research students. He is Co-Editor in Chief of a journal and reviewer in many journals.