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Handbook of Group Decision and Negotiation

Seyed Ali Fallahchay

268 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Organizational groups are continually settling on choices that impact on the adequacy of their performance and the organization at large. This volume makes reference to the nature of cooperative decision making, which despite being more beneficial than individual decision making, is still prone to risks including different personalities and incongruity of ideas. Some of the chapters in this book include; chapter 1: group decision-making and chapter 2: the essentials of negotiation among others. Strategies for improving collective decision making have been developed to such an extent that they can be utilized to guarantee top notch decisions in company settings. Cooperative decision-making measures are usually embraced to strengthen social bonds within the company. In this volume, the author examines the impacts of collective decision making on organizational goals, recognizing the strengths and result impacts of the strategy. In particular, it builds on the likelihood of attaining better results in comparison to individual decision-making strategy. Different ideas are presented and the most ideal ones are chosen.
Author Bio
Seyed Ali Fallahchay, Ph.D, has International experience in academia and industry. He received his Ph.D in Business Management from De La Salle Araneta University, Philippines. He earned his Bachelor in Engineering of Industrial Forestry from Islamic Azad University, Iran. He held professorial positions at Raffles Design Institute (Indonesia), University of Mansford (California, USA), and several universities and colleges in Philippines. He also managed his manufacturing business in Philippines during the period of post-graduate studies. Further, he had held university administrative position as Senior Program Head Administrator and Director of Research (Philippines).