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Digital Leadership

Jonah C. Pardillo

232 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This volume discusses the models, definitions, and foundations of leadership in business organizations. Before addressing the fundamental concepts of leadership in corporate organizations, it first describes the understanding of the definition and the interrelationship between leaders, leadership, and change management. The author emphasizes the importance of leadership that influences business results and business organizational change processes. The second is the connection between the leader and employees. It recommends that business leaders should have adequate leadership skills, that is, communication, motivation, delegation, enthusiasm, trustworthiness, feedback, responsibility, creativity, dedication, and flexibility. This volume explores the nature of leadership styles in organizations. Some of the topics covered include: Chapter 1: “Introduction to Leadership;” Chapter 2: “Leadership Theories;” and Chapter 3: “Digitalization and Digital Transformation in Leadership.” The volume mentions that neither men nor women will show more transactional or transformational tendencies. It is worth noting that women are significantly different from men on the transformational scale of personal considerations. In addition, the volume did not find any age predictive factors in leadership styles. Further research is needed on the leadership forms at different corporate levels, which may in turn help simplify professional training criteria and the prospects of different individuals for managing competence in the business environment.
Author Bio
Jonah C. Pardillo received her degree for Masters in Business Administration from University of the East, Philippines. Her bachelor was also earned from University of the East. Currently, she is affiliated at University of Mansford, California, USA. She has professorial experience and teaches several business courses in undergrad from Far Eastern University, Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila Business College, Global Reciprocal College. Further, she was a Content developer for undergrad and graduate subjects. Aside from academic experience, she also manages her own business.