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Feeding of Organic Farm Animals: Pigs, Poultry, Cattle, Sheep and Goats

Vijay D. Kele and Parth Hirpara Parth Hirpara

236 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Organic Livestock farming, as the name implies, provides information on different aspects related to organic dairy farming, goat farming, sheep farming etc. The detailed information regarding the importance of organic farming, the future of organic livestock farming, opportunities and challenges in front of organic livestock farming, attracts the early attention of readers. The topic ‘Threats facing and development of organic livestock farming’ is a very important topic that explains how organic livestock farming could be developed by overcoming the threats. The book has covered the chapters from the introduction of organic livestock farming to the marketing of organic products. The information in this book will be of practical utility for the actual management of animals in organic livestock farming e.g. Organic livestock feed and their benefits, factors influencing organic livestock, establishing organic farms, problems encountered in developing organic animal husbandry, raising organic pigs, goats, sheep, poultry etc. The book also covers criteria for the certification of organic cattle, sheep, goat, pigs, poultry etc. This book is written in simple understandable language with a description of those concepts which are useful for the actual production of organic livestock products. This book covers basic information on organic farming up to the development of successful organic livestock products, certification and marketing. Especially this book will be most beneficial to Veterinary, Dairy technology and dairy science students and animal and human health workers for the production of organic livestock products to prevent ill effects of different chemical residues in livestock products on human and animal health. Organic livestock farming book is act as a guide for Veterinary, Dairy technology, dairy science scientists, students to increase organic livestock production and to make a quick review of the subject. This book is also helpful for preparations of different examinations related to animal husbandry and general awareness among the people on different aspects of organic animal husbandry.
Author Bio
Dr. Vijay Kele is presently serving as Associate Professor, Department of Dairy Technology and Food Technology, PIT, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat. He obtained his B. Tech (Dairy Technology) from MAFSU, Nagpur, M. Sc. (Dairy Science), MBA (Food & Agribusiness Management) & secured 04 gold medals from University of Mysore, Mysore and Doctorate in Dairy Extension Management from Nagpur. He having 11 years of Teaching and 03 years of industrial experience. He has published 04 books and 18 research paper in National and international journals of reputed, popular article 87, extension article 72 however 14 radio talk and 02 television live talk on Doordarshan. He has participated many National, State Seminar and symposiums. He has written 22 practical manuals for under graduate course for the benefit of students besides Lectures in farmer traning programme, organized 133 farmers scientist meets, organized 14 exhibitions. He has organized 73 webinars, 07 STTPs (one week), 12 Workshop and 01 FDP. As per research concern received grants for 04 projects from ICAR, Gujcost, SSIP (Govt. of Gujarat) However 02 Patents in his credits.