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Why the world fails to prepare for pandemics: Complacence, Complicity and Crisis modes

P. M. Ananth

224 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The book is written with a multidisciplinary ethos in mind. Hence, it may be useful for undergraduates studying biology, social biology, epidemiology, public health, sociology, social work, psychology, public administration, and many other related disciplines. I have deliberately avoided rooting myself in a specific discipline because one of the main lessons of pandemics is that they do not follow linearity and disciplinary silos. They instead impact on various facets of human life which have been invariably studied by a host of experts from a range of disciplines. Hopefully, this book will raise public consciousness about our vulnerabilities, strengths, threats, and opportunities so that we are better equipped the next time a Covid-19 happens.
Author Bio
PM Ananth is a commerce graduate and excelled as an MBA graduate with a specialization in Marketing. He was an aggressive blogger during college days with interests with varied topics propelled his passion for writing. In a bid to create something original, he developed an interest in writing and composing instrumental pieces for independent bands. After a brief stint in the banking field, he began his career fulltime in writing as a freelancer in 2019.