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Impact of Disease Epidemics on the Economy: Key considerations for planners and responders

Raghu Subramaniam

235 pages
Arcler Education Inc
We live in a world which is complexly interconnected and an ever burgeoning population means that the risks of outbreaks occurring are significant. The book charts the various typologies and examples of disease outbreaks, including ones that affect animals. It highlights the impact of the epidemics on the world economy as well as the range of options that might be considered while responding to the crisis. The book is relevant to undergraduates studying a range of disciplines, including medicine, economics, social work, psychology, politics, public administration, and international affairs.
Author Bio
Raghu Subramaniam is based out of Chennai, Tamilnadu, and has been in the advertising space for over two decades, has managed his start-up. Raghu has been professionally writing for close to eight years now. Raghu has written extensively for some world-class medical establishments, hospitals and specialization centers. He has written technical content for a leading skincare and hair transplant clinic and has provided social media content vis-a-vis technical articles. He has also written for a Stem Cell Therapy wing of a leading hospital and has written technical content for a leading Orthopaedic Surgeon for his Endoscopic Spinal Surgery Clinic. Raghu Subramaniam has written screenplays, fictional content, essays, written and rewritten articles and scientific content especially relating to emerging technologies, electronics. He is at home with the creation of original content, as well as rewriting or enhancement of pre-written content.