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Artificial Intelligence in Biotechnology

Preethi Kartan

418 pages
Arcler Education Inc
World has seen rapid development in the field of Information technology and Biotechnology over a decade. New experimental technologies developed in biotechnology and data available made it possible to perform experiments easily in less time and cost. These experiments also generate huge amount of data that may overwhelm even the most data‐savvy researchers. Data generated during experimentation give lot of scope for companies that provide products and services in the field of biotechnology and new opportunities for researchers. This huge data may create challenges to the researches using low‐throughput methods to handle and analyse data. Artificial intelligence plays prominent role in analysing huge data available in a systematic way and represent analysed data in a meaning full way. In todays time it is practically not possible to carry out research in biotechnology without utilising data available in public and private databases and artificial intelligence to analyse data. This book describes advancements and application of AI in the field of biotechnology.
Author Bio
Preethi is a postgraduate in Biotechnology from University of Leeds, UK. She is currently working as a Scientific Associate at one of the CRO’s in India and her interest lie in life sciences related writing.