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The State of Art of Nuclear Chemistry: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

Maria Emilova Velinova

433 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Nuclear chemistry concerns the study of the properties of the chemical elements at varying the structure of the atomic nucleus. It is a highly interdisciplinary subfield of chemistry because its applications range over physical science, engineering, biology, and medicine. This book discusses theoretical and practical recent aspects of the field, focusing on nuclear structure and properties of heaviest elements, on radiative decays and their products, on nuclear forces and reactions of fission, on radiation detectors and radiochemical techniques.
Author Bio
Maria Velinova is Ph.D. holder in Quantum chemistry at the University of Sofia since April 2012. Her major research experience is in the field of Computational Chemistry, especially in statistical mechanics methods applied to different sorts of biomolecules. Member of the Laboratory of Quantum and Computational Chemistry at the University of Sofia.