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Environmental Laws

Vierah Hulley

315 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The book "Environmental Law" describes regulations, decrees, local, nationwide and international laws and treaties developed to protect the ecosystem from damage, and emphasizes the legal penalties of such damage to the authorities. This book refers to treaties developed to safeguard the environment from destruction. It also describes the need for companies and other organizations and their regulators to strive towards improving ethical principles by formulating regulations and industry standards for operating licenses. The book touches on the ongoing debate on the impact of different pesticides on agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions, and struggle between science and industry to regulate legislation on environmental laws.
Author Bio
Vierah Hulley obtained her Ph.D. degree in Geohydrology from the University of the Free State, South Africa, in 2013. Her expertise is in Environmental and Earth Sciences and she has an extensive vocational background in the areas of natural resources management, environmental geochemistry, contaminated site remediation, sustainable development, and spatial analytics. She is the founder and Managing Director of HL Nexus: The Data Imaginarium; a company dedicated to optimizing natural resources management with data science.