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Introduction to Environmental Management

Vierah Hulley

325 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book introduces environmental management as the processes involved in controlling any possible negative effects of human activities on the environment. The chapter describes how society operates and evaluates environmental performance based on present practices. It also discusses environmental management system (EMS) that can help organizations improve environmental performance, reduce risks, and reduce business expenses. The topic describes the goals and benefits of EMS and the various EMS models available, and explains the common framework and primary elements of EMS implementation. The book also describes some of the corporate benefits of implementing an environmental management system, such as environmental performance, EMS identifies methods to improve efficiency, such as utilizing less material, minimum energy and reducing waste, which can assist to reduce overhead.
Author Bio
Vierah Hulley obtained her Ph.D. degree in Geohydrology from the University of the Free State, South Africa, in 2013. Her expertise is in Environmental and Earth Sciences and she has an extensive vocational background in the areas of natural resources management, environmental geochemistry, contaminated site remediation, sustainable development, and spatial analytics. She is the founder and Managing Director of HL Nexus: The Data Imaginarium; a company dedicated to optimizing natural resources management with data science.