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Plant Pigments, Flavors and Textures

Shobhit Kumar Singh

269 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The book ‘Plant Pigments, Flavors and Textures’ talks about the various kinds pigments that are present in the plants and can be extracted from them. The book also informs the readers about the flavors that are present in the plants and explains the different kinds on textures of various kinds of plants. From the book, the readers can get themselves updates about the various kinds of forms in which the plants can be found according to their application and usage. This book provides a deep insight into the various characteristics of the plants so that the readers are fully aware about the areas in which these can be applied.
Author Bio
Dr S. K. Singh is Ph.D. in Agriculture with special reference to development of Bradyrhizobium japonicum strains for symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Soybean crop (Glycine max.) (2012) under the guidance of the renowned plant scientist, Prof. Dr. A. Vaishampayan.. He has 07 years of research experience in the field of Crop Improvement with special reference to Conventional Plant Breeding, Biodiversity of plant and their natural resources, varietal development of soybean and tea plants. Has long term experience in field oriented plant breeding, with special emphasis on tea varietal development program.