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Urban trees and greenspace in a changing climate

Nekesah T. Wafullah

262 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Cities that pride in only huge concreate structures deny the citizens the benefits of greenspaces. City planning should add green space establishment and maintenance as an important aspect in maintaining a healthy and scenic city. This can be achieved by following simple guidelines in policy, establishment and maintenance. This book shows some policy measures that would encourage participation in funding, establishment and maintain ace of urban greenspaces. The guidelines also show step by step on how to choose greenspace sites, types of trees to choose, establishment and maintenance. The book also provides case studies of restored and maintained green spaces after years of destruction through grabbing and neglect. Green spaces are important for healthy urban community; therefore, each urban authority should aim at providing sufficient greenspaces.
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A skilled agriculture expert with extensive knowledge in project management, agricultural energy, various forms of fertilizer, their production, marketing, application regimes and policies; business development management services; cross border fertilizer trade policies; product registration and efficacy trials and assessment; legume production and marketing aspects; food safety advocacy and policy issues; partnerships in businesses; youth, and women empowerment, and volunteerism. She is adept at project planning and strategic management as well as creating simple solutions to complex problems. As mentorship is one of her key areas, she has dedicated time to journey with high school and college students advocating for better performance in Agricultural sciences. She writes and edits agricultural books and loves watching movies, cooking, baking, networking, reading and dancing during her free time. She is also a food and fashion enthusiast. Nekesah holds an M Sc. Agricultural and Applied Economics degree from the University of Nairobi with a major in International Trade and Policy