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Green Chemistry

Rainer Roldan Fiscal

256 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book essentially covers the fundamentals of green chemistry for sustainable development. There are eight chapters in the book which encompass different aspects of green chemistry. Different methods of green synthesis in everyday applications are discussed in the book. The readers can find an intersection of environmental and chemical knowledge for achieving sustainability on earth. In short, it identifies five interacting and overlapping environmental spheres. Environmental practitioners have recognized four of these spheres for a very long time which include atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere and hydrosphere. However, the 5th sphere is also critical and known as the anthrosphere, which comprises of every object manufactured by humans. For instance, airports, buildings, factories, agricultural lands, and a large range of systems and structures created by the activities of humans are also an essential part of Earth and must be treated according to the environmental considerations. In short, this book is a ready reference for readers from diverse backgrounds which include environmental engineer, chemists, chemical engineers and policy makers. This essentially book places the concepts of green chemistry within the frameworks of the sustainable modern society that needs to be established for survival of the mankind
Author Bio
Rainer Roldan Fiscal is an Associate Professor I in Laguna State Polytechnic University, Philippines. He finished Bachelor of Secondary Education major in General Science, Master of Arts in Teaching Science and Technology and Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in Educational Leadership and Management. He teaches Biological and Physical Science subjects and Advanced Methods of Research in the undergraduate and graduate programs. He presented his papers in national and international conferences in the Philippines and abroad like Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. He published his papers in international journals and has citations.