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Horticultural crops breeding

Kiran Raj Amit Kanawjia

Arcler Education Inc
Horticulture Crops Breeding’ as a book takes the readers through the various aspects of horticulture, emphasizing on the kinds of breeding methods that are taken up in the field. These breeding methods vary according to the crop and are important to be known to the farmers or the agriculturists that deal with the subject of crop breeding. The book also explains ways in which the breeding methods have improved and can be further enhanced to have better yield – both in terms of quantity as well as quality.
Author Bio
Dr. Kiran received her education at the universities in Bangalore (B.Sc. Biotechnology), Allahabad (M.Sc Ag.) and CSKHPKV, Palampur (Ph.D Plant Breeding and Genetics.) She has throughout a brilliant academic record. She worked at G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar and GKU,Bathinda . She has a number of books ,research papers to her credit. Her research interests range from Plant breeding & Genetics, Seed science & technology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Plant tissue culture .She has also voluntarily worked as a coordinator, society for social development ,as a community development trainer, Raipur and as a public support executive, Navjeeven foundation, Kangra HP, India