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Natural Language Processing

Zoran Gacovski

Arcler Education Inc
This edition covers different topics from natural language processing, including natural language processing in IT / web systems, semantics in natural language processing, mathematical algorithms in natural language processing, and natural language in mobile systems. Section 1 focuses on natural language processing in IT and web systems, describing semantic analysis of natural language queries for an object oriented database; communication mediated through natural language generation in big data environments; web semantic and ontology; and understanding creative language in tweets. Section 2 focuses on semantics in natural language processing, describing resolving topic-focus ambiguities in natural language; semantic interoperability in e-health for improved healthcare; computational context modeling framework - an ontological approach to develop context-aware web applications; and three types of episodic associations for the semantic/syntactic/episodic model of language prospective in applications to the statistical translation. Section 3 focuses on mathematical algorithms in natural language processing, describing bridging between natural language and mathematical language in solving problems in mathematics; Spanish language grammatical context—acknowledging specific language characteristics; shallow parsing approach to natural language queries of a database; comparative study to understanding about poetics based on natural language processing; computers and language learning. Section 4 focuses on natural language in mobile systems, describing automatic approach of sentiment lexicon generation for mobile shopping reviews; sentence-level neural network models for multiple-choice reading comprehension tasks; bibliometric review of natural language processing empowered mobile computing; mobile-based question-answering and early warning system for assisting diabetes management; research on new English mobile teaching mode under the impact of mobile internet age.
Author Bio
Dr. Zoran Gacovski has earned his PhD degree at Faculty of Electrical engineering, Skopje. His research interests include Intelligent systems and Software engineering, fuzzy systems, graphical models (Petri, Neural and Bayesian networks), and IT security. He has published over 50 journal and conference papers, and he has been reviewer of renowned Journals. Currently, he is a professor in Computer Engineering at European University, Skopje, Macedonia.