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Small Business Innovation

Godwin .U. Enebeli

Arcler Education Inc
The book "Small Business Innovation" imagines innovation as a simple and uncomplicated process. It describes innovation as basic processes, such as better packaging, finding a supplier that can bring you attractive rates or trying new marketing ideas. This book recommends that entrepreneurs incorporate innovation into their corporate plans by establishing objectives that focus on improving products and processes. For instance, one of the small business goals might be to identify and try a fresh way of communicating with customers. Readers are also given an innovative action plan to achieve their innovation goals. This book lists some industries which have achieved business innovation and are booming.
Author Bio
Godwin Enebeli is an economist and research analyst with core interest in the economic evolution and development of third world countries. Starting out as a tax consultant in Nigeria, Godwin worked in the Accounting and Financial services industry before pitching his tent in economic research and analysis. Godwin was part of a team that worked with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank Group to drive financial inclusion in Southern Nigeria as well as handled several research projects for the Nigerian government including helping to develop a 5-year roadmap for Social Protection investment in Nigeria in a project funded by the RPA. Currently attached to US-based Non-Profit Organization, Energy Impact Center as their Western Africa Analyst, Godwin holds a BSc in Economics from the Imo State University, a Masters in Economics & Statistics from the University of Benin, a part qualification in Accounting and is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management.