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Managing Green Tourism, Meetings and Events

Margaret Ann MacLean

Arcler Education Inc
To be efficient and sustainable, tourism, and events must strike a balance between the short-term economic interests and the long-term wellbeing of the local environment and community. Sustainable tourism and events have gained the status of a top priority in the government’s strategy and are gaining a great deal of interest in the international science and political debate. This book introduces the key ideas of sustainable tourism, a modern type of tourism promoted by the government, environmental, and social organizations and international organizations. The book also sheds light on sustainable tourism in different geographical environment settings. Presenting a wealth of information and guidance on managing sustainable tourism, events, and meetings, this book is intended to help educators, students, entrepreneurs, strategic planners, and policymakers.
Author Bio
Ann is a Hospitality and Tourism Specialist with more than 35 years of experience in international hotel management including multi-site operations. She has worked in Australia, the Channel Islands and the United Kingdom and holds a Master of Business Administration awarded from the University of South Australia.