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Relativity and quantum relativistic theories

Ivan Stanimirovic´ Olivera M. Stanimirovic

Arcler Education Inc
As one of the greatest advances of the twentieth century in science, quantum mechanics explains the behavior of matter and energy. It states that the elementary particles can behave as particles in a given time and waves in the next or the previous. The book explains the following two pillars of this theory: · Particles exchange energy at integer multiples of a minimum possible, denominating, quantum (quantum) of energy. · The position of the particles are defined by a function that describes the probability that the particle is in that position at that moment.
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Ivan Stanimirovic gained his PhD from University of Niš, Serbia in 2013. His work spans from multi-objective optimization methods to applications of generalized matrix inverses in areas such as image processing and computer graphics and visualisations. He is currently working as an Assistant professor at Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics at University of Niš on computing generalized matrix inverses and its applications.