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Social Media and Education: Finding a happy medium for learning

Oscar Alberto Ramirez

Arcler Education Inc
The book ‘Social Media and Education: Finding a happy medium for learning’ takes the readers through the various means by which social media is getting itself actively involved in the education system. The book outlines the ways in which various institutions are employing social media for educational purposes and the rewards that the use of social media is reaping for the organizations. The book discusses all the applications of social media by which education can get a boost and the students feel more convenient in the whole process of learning.
Author Bio
Oscar Alberto Ramirez has completed PhD in Education and Master’s Degree in Higher Education. He is presently working as a university professor at the Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez (Maracay-Venezuela), in the category of Associate Professor. His area of expertise are Education, Mathematics, Statistics, Information and Communication Technologies, Research Methodology.