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Causes and Effect of Urban Unemployment

P.M. Ananth

Arcler Education Inc
The book ‘Causes and Effect of Urban Unemployment’ takes the readers through the various issues with respect to unemployment in the urban areas. The urbanization is on a rise, but the job sector is not moving with the same pace and it is extremely difficult to catch the pace as well. Due to the lag, there is an unwanted situation of unemployment, which further results in more problems. This book enlists various causes and impacts of unemployment in the urban areas and also suggests ways in which some positive changes can be made.
Author Bio
PM Ananth is a commerce graduate and excelled as an MBA graduate with a specialization in Marketing. He was an aggressive blogger during college days with interests with varied topics propelled his passion for writing. In a bid to create something original, he developed an interest in writing and composing instrumental pieces for independent bands. After a brief stint in the banking field, he began his career fulltime in writing as a freelancer in 2019.