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Fish population analysis

Anjanette S. Tadena

Arcler Education Inc
Fish Population Analysis is a book that takes the readers through a lot of information on the basics of fish population and informs them about the demographics of fishes and other sea creatures. The book then talks about the existence of fishes and the ways in which the fishes are caught, bred, and grown in a nurtured environment. It takes the readers through the whole process of capturing of fishes for human use and the ways in which they are analyzed for current use and future references. The book also lists down the objectives for conducting fish analysis and its uses and benefits.
Author Bio
Anjanette obtained her degree from the University of the Philippines. She is also working on her Master’s Degree in Environmental Science Specializing in Environmental Toxicity. Her fascination outside work are astrophotography and traveling. She is currently working as a Research Fellow at the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards - Department of Agriculture, Philippines.