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Developments in Plant Genetics

Cheryl Natividad

Arcler Education Inc
Plant genetics has come a long way from the time Gregor Mendel observed the traits of his pea plants. This book provides a glimpse on the advancements in plant genetics, putting emphasis on the various sequencing technologies that were instrumental in unlocking the plant genome. The plant genome has also lent itself to manipulation and modification, contributing greatly to the body of genetic knowledge as well as producing economically-, nutritionally-, and medically-significant plants. This book compiles and describes these plant genetic engineering and genomic editing approaches.
Author Bio
Cheryl Agdaca- Natividad graduated with a BS Biology degree (magna cum laude) at the Saint Louis University, Baguio City in the Philippines. She took the licensure examination for secondary teachers in 2003 where she ranked no. 10 among the examinees. She earned her masters degree in Genetics at the premier state university, University of the Philippines Los Baños. She taught in the same university from 2006-2017 handling lecture and laboratory classes in general biology, cell biology, genetics, and molecular genetics. Apart from teaching, her work involved proposing and revising laboratory manuals and mentoring students in their research work.