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Aging and Diet

Shraddha Gautam

Arcler Education Inc
This book describes diet as a factor that promotes long-term health in people. The dietary components that prevent aging and diseases are mentioned. To better understand the connection between diet and aging, the author discusses relevant issues that affect food choices and practices around the world; such as the relation between obesity, overweight and diets. The book also discusses diet challenges for countries around the world, such as African communities where access to nutritious food may be hampered by poverty. The need to manage diseases tied to diets in present day society is touched on in the book, so as to ease unsustainable burden on the healthcare system.
Author Bio
Shraddha Gautam is an accomplished Sr. Scientist, at Advancells, with 16 years of onsite experience, mainly in the therapeutic application of regenerative medicine and regulatory support. She has a proven ability to foster technological advancements and quality excellence. She has been a part of India’s top most institutions facilitating stem cell research and therapeutic applications and has gained extensive experience in the field of stem cell biology, its technological advancements and clinical implementation. She has acquired in-depth understanding of regulatory parameters required to be fulfilled for smooth implementation of science in clinical practice. Embracing the core values of integrity, growth and compassion; Shraddha is continuing her contributions to the field of stem cell technology and cellular therapies by presenting many research publications in renowned medical journals.