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Performance & Compensation Management

Surbhi Jain

Arcler Education Inc
This book explores the links between performance and compensation. Primarily targeted at business management undergraduates, the book explores key principles and practices behind compensation management. The book highlights the role that compensation plays in terms of motivating workers. At the same time, the book also touches on the potential for poor compensation to demotivate employees. In doing so, this book demonstrates the instrumentality of compensation management.
Author Bio
Dr. Surbhi Jain has eleven years of academic, research, and marketing expertise. Her experience spans two universities, multiple local and international institutions, boards and task teams. Her professional involvement in institutions has always been defined by three distinct engagements: the contest of ideas; their translation into actionable initiatives; and the building of programs. Dr. Jain has held eminent positions in a number of premier national and international organisations dealing with marketing and administration of higher education in particular. Her doctorate is in the field of Human Resource management. She has published five books on topics such as Change management, Management of training and development and Business communication. In addition to this she has published five papers in International Journals, and two International case studies. She has served on many advisory committees and panels sponsored by professional organisations.