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The Business Link to Sustainable Development

Elisa Gomez Gonzalez

339 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Ecoefficiency: The Business Link to Sustainable Development discusses the fundamental concepts of sustainability, development of sustainability, corporate social responsibility, importance of corporate social responsibility, the evolution of the practices of corporate social responsibility, models related to corporate social responsibility, excuses and problems related to the implementation of corporate social responsibility and the future trends in the opportunities related to corporate social responsibility are explained. This book explains in detail regarding the historical aspects of corporate social responsibility, challenges in the implementation of sustainable business practices and the key drivers of sustainability. The stake holder perspective of corporate social responsibility along with the eight key expectations in the field of sustainability have been elucidated. The human resources driving the sustainable business practices and the critical success factor for the implementation of sustainable business practices from a people perspective is explained.
Author Bio
Elisa Gomez was born and raised in Canary Islands; her personal mission is to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in all businesses. She strongly believes in the positive impact and added value it brings to the business itself and to all. With a Master’s degree in International Corporate Social Responsibility and with more than 7 years of experience as Sustainability expert in International and Startups companies from a variety of sectors, Elisa is an expert in efficient and impactful Sustainability: Strategy definition, Implementation, Analysis, Training and/or Reporting.