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The Economics of Innovation

Seyed Ali Fallahchay

224 pages
Arcler Education Inc
The Economics of Innovation gives an introduction to economics and innovation, talks about innovation in various economic systems and discusses drivers of innovative economic growth. Also discussed in the book are the key scholars in the economics of innovation, the relationship between geography and innovation, the various examples of centers of innovation, the key concepts in innovation economics and the reason for and ways for supporting innovators and entrepreneurs. The book also gives some concluding insights on the subject matter to explain it to the readers in a wholesome way.
Author Bio
Completed his Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Forestry Engineering from Azad University of Iran. Masters in Business Administration and also, completed his Ph.D in Business Management from De La Salle Araneta University, Philippines. Currently, a Research and Development Director at AMA University, Philippines. He became program head of Business Administration at AMA online Education. He also became a faculty in graduate studies and has several years of working experience in teaching and in industry.