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Business model for the Internet economy

Abhishek Singh

270 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Business Model for the Internet Economy is a book which discusses the concepts related to the business models which are used in the Internet Economy. First half of the book discusses about the global perspective on business and the rise of internet economy. This book provides information about the internet business model and further highlights the strategies in the internet economy. There are some other topics which have been covered in this book including blockchain and the new economy, learning management system and information technology and women and their progressive role in the internet economy. This book provides insights on some other topics such as digital transformation and business models, economic issues related to internet economy and the future of internet economy to the readers.
Author Bio
Abhishek Singh is a Project Manager with over 8 years of experience, Client Relationship Management and Team Management with key focus on efficient service delivery, profitability and optimal resource utilization. Managing national Projects for Retail, Hospitality, Government and Banking Domains, with the perfect amalgamation of technical and business skills. Certified Business Analysis Practitioner, aiming to leverage considerable experience and efficiency into the project manager role. Possesses a dual specialisation MBA in IT and Marketing, along with B.Tech in computer science. He has expertise in end-to-end Project handling and PMO Project Methodology.