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Molecular research in Aquaculture

Bruno Augusto Amato Borges

267 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Molecular research in Aquaculture gives an introduction to the readers on aquaculture and discusses the various applications of the microarray. The book explains the readers the convergence of aquaculture and molecular biology and defines the polymerase chain reaction by stating its principles and components. Also discussed in the book is the application of electron microscope in the advanced fisheries research, cryo-microscopy in aquaculture research, the genomics in aquaculture, the role of model organisms in aquaculture research, transgenic fish for aquaculture and the microbial genomics of aquaculture pathogens, to make the readers aware about the various aspects of the research in aquaculture.
Author Bio
Bruno Augusto is Aquaculture Engineer from Federal University of Santa Catarina. His focus is on writing projects and development of new technologies in aquaculture. He is currently project service provider, consultant and develops research in the field of Biofloc Technology (BFT) for freshwater fish farming.