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Role of Fisheries in Rural Development

Sushma Nigam

267 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Role of Fisheries in Rural Development introduces the field of fisheries to the readers and throws light on the concept of rural development simultaneously. The book talks about the management of fisheries and the ecosystem approaches to it, followed by the socio-economic impacts of the fisheries development. The book emphasizes on the possibility of poverty reduction by employing fisheries and further talks about ensuring food security in the rural areas. Also discussed in the book is the implication of climate change on fisheries, the impact fisheries have on the livelihood of rural communities, the application of advanced technologies in fisheries and the future of fisheries, by discussing the various opportunities and challenges in the field.
Author Bio
Dr Sushma Nigam is Msc, PhD (Fisheries). She is retired Regional Manager (MP Fisheries Department) (1979 – 2017), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She is responsible for the development and conservation of fisheries in the state. She also helped in setting up fish seed domains and their management, Fish protection, testing and cultivation under Fisheries, Research for promotion, expansion and development of the Fisheries, Development and regulation of fishing methods, Fish marketing and exploitation and Conservation, testing and cultivation of eatable water species.