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Global Warming and Agriculture

Stephanya Lynn JonasLabee

248 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Global Warming and Agriculture deals with the phenomenon of global warming and the relationship between global warming and agricultural crop farming and the impact of global warming on the agricultural crops. This book also discusses about global warming and livestock farming, relationship between impacts of global warming and various agricultural pests and diseases, economic importance of irrigation in agricultural sector with reference to global warming, man’s response to the impact of global warming and global environmental policy and management to deal with impacts of global warming.
Author Bio
Stephanya Jonas-Labee has been passionate about the environment her whole life. After completing her bachelor’s at UCSC, she moved to Amsterdam to earn her Master’s of Earth Science with a focus on environmental management and sustainability from the University of Amsterdam. When not reading about new sustainable technologies, she enjoys traveling the world, trying out new vegan recipes, and working on her garden.