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Atmospheric Thermodynamics

Tanjina Nur, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

247 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Atmospheric thermodynamics discusses about atmospheric thermodynamics in a simple yet explanatory manner. This book comprises topics such as temperature, heat and internal energy. Thermodynamics has so many branches and this book tries to cover all of them in a detailed manner for the reader. This book lays down simple explanation of thermodynamics with the help of topics such as classical thermodynamics, statistical thermodynamics and three laws of thermodynamics. Different aspects and systems which are being employed in a thermodynamic system are also explained in this book with the help of well researched methodologies and observations conducted in this sector.
Author Bio
Tanjina finished her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2014 from University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Now she is working as Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Centre for Technology in Water and Wastewater (CTWW) and published about eight International journal papers with 80 citations. Her research interest is wastewater treatment technology using adsorption process.