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Virtual Reality Systems

Zoran Gacovski

430 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Virtual Reality Systems takes into account the control of motions and movements in virtual reality, brain-computer interface system applied for virtual reality control and traffic and driving simulator based on architecture of interactive motion. This book also discusses about robotics towards a model of user experience in immersive virtual environments, training system of lathe works on virtual operating platform, virtual reality surgical training in ear, nose and throat surgery, development of a medical training system with integration of users’ skills assessment, augmented reality and possibilities, limitations and effectiveness of applying “virtual realities” in psychotherapy. It also provides the readers with the basic idea about virtual reality systems so as to get better understanding of motion control, virtual environment of robotics, medical and neural application of virtual reality and the correlation between virtual reality and neuroscience.
Author Bio
Dr. Zoran Gacovski has earned his PhD degree at Faculty of Electrical engineering, Skopje. His research interests include Intelligent systems and Software engineering, fuzzy systems, graphical models (Petri, Neural and Bayesian networks), and IT security. He has published over 50 journal and conference papers, and he has been reviewer of renowned Journals. Currently, he is a professor in Computer Engineering at European University, Skopje, Macedonia.