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Energy in Agroecosystem

Quan Cui

448 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Energy in Agroecosystem takes into account the presence of energy in the agroecosystem along with its utilization. It consists of models of hybrid decomposition-reconfiguration, concept and designing of an energy system and an optimization method for local consumption of photovoltaic power. It provides the reader with basic insights of the energy in agroecosystem and its efficient use so as to understand the concept and designing of energy system completely based on the renewable sources of sustainable agriculture and the impacts of biofuels on the world food supply. This book also discusses about total-factor energy efficiency in china’s agricultural sector, testing for environmental kuznets curve in the EU agricultural sector through an eco-(in)efficiency index, diesel consumption of agriculture in china, biofuel impacts on world food supply: use of fossil fuel, land and water resources and agricultural energy demand modeling in Iran.
Author Bio
Quan Cui obtained her PhD from Beijing Normal University in 2015. She worked as environmental impact assessment engineer for years. Aiming at linking science to policy, her study interest spans from ecosystem modelling to water resources management. She published peer-reviewed articles about using machine learning models in inflow forecasting, CO2 management and watershed ecosystem health assessment.