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Scientific Principles and Technique of Optical Fabrication Processes

Maria Emilova Velinova

406 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Scientific Principles and Technique of Optical Fabrication Processes deals with the scientific principles involved in the process of optical fabrication. It includes design and fabrication of fiber-optic nanoprobes for optical sensing, development of materials for next generation optical fiber and research progress of optical fabrication and surface-microstructure modification of sic. This book also discusses about effects of process parameters on material removal in vibration-assisted polishing of micro-optic mold, a review on methods for detection of subsurface damage, evaluation of the surface roughness based on acoustic emission signals in robot assisted polishing, laser damage resistance of polystyrene opal photonic crystals and impact of the polishing suspension concentration on laser damage of classically manufactured and plasma post-processed zinc crown glass surfaces.
Author Bio
Maria Velinova is Ph.D. holder in Quantum chemistry at the University of Sofia since April 2012. Her major research experience is in the field of Computational Chemistry, especially in statistical mechanics methods applied to different sorts of biomolecules. Member of the Laboratory of Quantum and Computational Chemistry at the University of Sofia.